Fennec Florals in the making

fox illustration

When creating my Fennec Florals artwork I really wanted to make it all about pencil drawing and celebrating the detail and softeness of the medium. I focuses on lots of detail and texture in the drawing, but also kept the botanical elements in the grey pencil finish so as to highlight the gradients and gentle […]

Fennec Fox Phone Wallpaper

Drawing - Design

Everyone loves a freebie, so I wanted to share this with all my lovely customers and followers to say thanks for their support! I’ve created this custom made Mimi&Bloom original illustration phone wallpaper which I’m giving away for free as a gift! This delicate and detailed hand drawn illustration is the design featured in my […]

For the love of drawing!

Drawing - Design

Every design I make usually starts with a simple drawing! Drawing is definitely my go to creative pursuit, and in my experience, it’s the simplest creative outlets that are sometimes the best! I am a massive art supply junky, just love perusing the art shop and getting lost in the dazzling rows of pigments, brushes […]

Drawing the Forest Folk

pencil drawing

Ever design starts with a drawing, and this ones took a lot of planning and preparation to get the complex layout and composition in place before adding the detail. My idea started with inspiration from my favourite childhood stories such as Enid Blyton’s “The Fold of the Faraway Tree” and “The Enchanted Wood”. I wanted […]

The making of the Midnight Garden

Drawing - Design

The inspiration behind The Midnight Garden print was based on the rich tradition of heritage scarves and the ornate and decorative prints of the period. I started with an intricate, paisley style drawing which played on the vernacular of William Morris style botanical illustration, but creating a unique and modern take on the style. The […]

drawing magnolia and serpent

Drawing - Design

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes to the creation process of my Magnolia and Serpent artwork. I wanted to create an intricate and slight surrealist artwork that morphs a twining serpent with botanical elements, so I chose magnolia blossoms as they gave a nice contrast to the fluidity of the snake. Working first […]